About Us

Did you ever face a challenge to understand the plethora of technologies available and how those would address your individual business needs? Sounds like a very familiar question, isn’t it? Hence we established Jane, we thought to serve such a common business issue/s with quantitative and qualitative answers at our fingertips to help you with identifying and implementing right technologies that would both - address your business needs and add value to your business.


Jane positions itself in creating a higher value at an optimal cost for its customers. We act rapidly and use agile approach in delivering the solutions. We have a strong knowledge base with the founders, from the lessons learned over last eighteen plus years of diversified and vast business experience, knowledgeable and professional consulting staff, strong ties with the industry experts, healthy collaborative relationships with partners, and yes our philosophy is to use every bit of it to make you successful.

We believe in the“think big and start small” strategy, that helps us in establishing the comprehensive solutions’ modular framework right from the inception, that would span across your complete business ecosystem. This modular and comprehensive framework helps our solutions to be extensible to meet or exceed your changing needs with the constantly changing external business environments. Our agile development approach easily adapts new scope in the shortest possible time. Thus Jane’s solutions require a small initial investment and time to set up such a foundational futuristic modular solutions framework and then build up solutions hand in hand with your business growth, without any remodeling.

How do we do that?

We have a team of individuals and partners who are business acumen (MBAs), analytical, technology savvy with a strong engineering background, who only believe in the facts and data, and use the common sense to approach solutions. These experts work hard to understand your business needs, create technology roadmaps for your business needs, and come out with a short term and long term executions in-depth plans.These execution plans include designing, building and testing the solutions, operational plans and processes, and last but not the least - measuring effectiveness of these solutions implemented.

We operate with a progression/program/project plan and track planned and actual progress through tracking cards with visual indicators. We try our best efforts and hold us responsible to address 100% planned scope on time, with the quality promised.


Jane is a privately held, California, USA registered, S Corporation. Jane is established in the heart of the Silicon Valley in August 2002 and initially limited its scope in the IT consulting sector. Jane’s consultants work primarily for well established Fortune 500 companies; through our consulting partners.